We're glad you're here! We are devoted to creating and strengthening partnerships between Oklahoma City and our active sister cities. What is a sister city? A sister city is one of many cities around the globe with which we want to build lasting alliances.

Our efforts are aimed at increasing global cooperation at the municipal level, promoting cultural understanding and stimulating economic development.

Our Mission

To promote peace through mutual respect, understanding, and cooperation — one individual, one community at a time.

SCI is a nonprofit, citizen diplomacy network that creates and strengthens partnerships between United States and international communities to increase global cooperation at the local level. As an international membership SCI represents, and supports partnerships between US cities, counties, states and similar jurisdictions in other countries.

Our goals to see this mission come true are:

  • Develop municipal partnerships between Oklahoma City and our sister cities.
  • Provide opportunities for city officials and citizens to experience and explore other cultures through long-term community partnerships.
  • Create an atmosphere in which economic and community development can be implemented and strengthened.
  • Stimulate environments through which communities will creatively learn, work and solve

Our History


Sister Cities International was created at President Eisenhower’s 1956 White House conference on citizen diplomacy. Eisenhower envisioned an organization that could be the hub of peace and prosperity by creating bonds between people from different cities around the world. By forming these relationships, President Eisenhower reasoned that people of different cultures could celebrate and appreciate their differences and build partnerships that would lessen the chance of new conflicts.

Sister Cities International creates relationships based on cultural, educational, information and trade exchanges, shared research and development projects creating lifelong friendships that provide prosperity and peace through person-to-person “citizen diplomacy.”

Each sister city organization is independent and pursues the activities and thematic areas that are important to them and their community including municipal, business, trade, educational and cultural exchanges with their sister city.


Get involved in affecting change in our city as well as others around the world!

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